How Can VPNs Save Your Business from Online Threats?

Can VPNs Save Your Business from Online Threats

Many business owners believe that Virtual Private Networks (VPNs) are needed only for big businesses and companies. 

Though this statement is partially true, small businesses can greatly benefit from using a VPN too and might be especially in danger. 

Remote-based businesses can leverage their security by using VPNs, even if they have workers all around the globe. 

During 2023, 48% of small and mid-size businesses experienced a cyber security incident, meaning almost half of them suffered an attack. 

VPNs are not super difficult tools to use; anyone can hire a VPN as a service for their business and personal use. 

The online world is growing fast and so are threats and hackers strategies. In this article we’ll try to explain how a VPN can be a simple, yet essential tool, to protect yourself. 

First of All, What is a VPN?

To understand why your business needs a VPN for security you must first understand what it is and what are its main characteristics. 

A VPN encrypts the connection between your devices and the internet, protecting your data from possible threats. 

You must consider your online safety when traveling abroad, using public Wi-Fi, or just doing home office. There’s not just one scenario where a VPN can be helpful; there are many situations where you might need extra protection. 

Why Your Business Needs One

The More Security You Get, The Better

The main advantage of using a VPN is that your data is protected, as simple as it sounds. When you use the internet, your information travels between many serves. 

We tend to forget this but everything you send, receive, and do online is open to anyone, and especially to hackers who have experience stealing people’s data. 

By using a VPN, all your information is encrypted, making it harder to find and corrupt. 

Protecting Remote Work

A VPN can help remote-based businesses, too. An encrypted IP will allow you to ensure that all your workers, no matter where they are, are safely protected. 

They can also avoid regional limits and access to blocked websites and apps. This is a bonus of using VPNs worldwide, which you can take advantage of, depending on where your workers are located. 

If you are a common traveler yourself and remote work, your VPN will also secure your information and credentials while logging in or doing sensitive transactions when abroad.

Secure Access to Sensitive Information

We have said this before but in today’s digital world is almost impossible to stay anonymous. 

Every app, website, and tool you use online probably knows a lot of your private information. We are not talking about risks only here. 

If you are someone who deeply appreciates their privacy, a VPN can help you to hide and secure your data but we’ll be frank, not even it, can guarantee 100% anonymity. 

Protection of Public Wi-Fi

Public and unknown Wi-Fi is inevitable sometimes, especially if you ever work outside of an office. 

Open Wi-Fi hotspots are one of the favorite and easiest places for hackers to attack; your data is unsecured in those situations. 

A VPN is perfect for this because it will encrypt your information and make it harder for criminals to access your accounts. Remember that all tech devices, not only computers, can be corrupted when using public Wi-Fi. 

Even if you are not strictly working, your information can be stolen, too. Using a VPN on your mobile phone becomes essential, too. 

Other Tools to Enhance Business Security

Have a Good Antivirus Software

Antiviruses are not what they used to be. They remain useful and can prevent attacks but most modern hackers can’t be stopped by regular antivirus software like a few years ago. 

We are not saying you shouldn’t use an antivirus but you should keep in mind that It’s essential to rely on a robust and modern security system that includes more than only an antivirus. 

Luckily, many antivirus companies provide personalized options for businesses, offering real-time protection and better systems against threats. 

Two-factor authentication (2FA)

Many people use 2FA (abbreviation for Two-Factor Authentication) for private purposes. Why should businesses not do this, too? This tool is really easy to use and adds a layer of security you could someday be grateful for. There are two ways in which you can use 2FA: 

  • Most platforms offer this as a service directly from apps.
  • Download an authenticator app directly from your phone’s store and link it with your accounts. 

Please Don’t Save Money With Old Software

Old software usually doesn’t have the security needed for the 2024 landscape in terms of the new digital threats. 

Always run the latest version of your apps and platforms and accept all the suggested security measures. 

Even if updates take a lot of memory from your devices, you should find a way to make room for them.  

VPN as a Service

VPN as a Service (VPNaaS) is an excellent option for businesses looking for a VPN service that does not include any extra effort. 

For these cases, VPNaaS providers manage the entire VPN infrastructure, from setup to maintenance, ensuring that your business stays protected without the need for in-house expertise. 

Find the Right VPN for You

There are many VPN options and providers out there; you should consider these factors when choosing one:

  • Security Features: Look for VPN providers with strong encryption protocols and good security features. 
  • Speed and Reliability: VPNs with fast and reliable servers ensure the best performance when working. Some companies might provide slow VPN services. 
  • Expandability: We all hope that your business grows one day and in that case, you may need better and stronger VPN services. Keep this in mind and choose a provider that can adapt to the needs of your business. 

Not all VPNs are the same. If you don’t understand much about this topic, take the time to research different VPN providers and compare their features, pricing, and customer reviews. 

Don’t be shy to ask all your questions and doubts; this is an important decision for your company. 


We can say that, if you have a business and are not using VPNs in 2024, it’s similar to not having an antivirus installed 15 years ago. Hackers rely on inexperienced and relaxed business owners to steal sensitive data.

After a business suffers a hacker attack, 55% of people would be doubtful to continue choosing them and honestly, wouldn’t you do the same? It is in your best interest to keep your client’s trust and safety, even if it takes some extra time and money.

You could work without a VPN, but that is not recommended, especially if you don’t count on a security expert within your team. 

Why take risks when you can protect your business and encrypt your valuable data with a reliable VPN?

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