Understanding the Role of Metabolism in Weight Loss

Metabolism in Weight Loss

Keeping your health intact should be your primary responsibility. And for this matter, make sure you are giving your ultimate attention to weight loss and metabolism, either by visiting a weight loss clinic in Nashville or by taking other radical steps.

What Factors Affect Metabolism?

Metabolism is the accumulation of chemical reactions happening in the human body. These reactions modify food into energy helpful for performing various functions. Basically, it is the making as well as the breaking of glucose molecules. The calories that you take from drinks and food pair with oxygen to fulfill your body’s requirements.

Moreover, your physical activity is not the only aspect to measure the metabolic rate. There is age and genetics too. They have an impact on a person’s higher or slower metabolism. Aging comes with hormonal alterations and loss of muscle mass which lowers the speed of metabolism.

Relationship between Body Weight and Metabolism

The higher metabolism means a body is burning the calories quite quickly. This way, a person can easily lose weight. On the other hand, the slow metabolism means the body is able to gain weight in case of excessive calorie intake.

Metabolic health is of high worth as it comprises the maintenance of balanced blood sugar levels as well as the ability to metabolize food. If the metabolic health is good, prevention from obesity and some other diseases is possible.

Tips to Good Metabolism and Weight Loss

Getting Enough Sleep

Getting good sleep is highly necessary for weight loss as well as healthy metabolism, as its deprivation can trigger hunger. As per a study, adults who only slept for around 5 hours had an increased level of appetite. Therefore, not sleeping properly can become havoc for the fat cells, encouraging you to eat more.

The best solution is to sleep almost 7 to 8 hours. Make sure this is not interrupted.

Workout Daily

Doing exercise regularly is apt for your health as well. There are certain physical activities that can stimulate your metabolism. For instance, there is swimming, walking and running. Hence, your body will burn more number of calories and fight the appetite.

However, focus on exercises other than cardio too. Such as, you can do weight training that will surely tone your muscles. The boost in lean muscle tissue works well in burning calories as compared to fat. Also, you can break up the exercise duration per day, like doing 30 minutes of workout twice a day instead of one 60 minutes activity.

Eating Properly

Eat well; actually, you can eat multiple times. Instead of consuming 3 huge meals, you can divide to form 5 to 6 parts per day. Your body will then enjoy a steady availability of energy. Hence, there will be an improvement in brain function and metabolism.

Moreover, concentrate more on healthy food, such as healthy snacks, including nuts, fruits and yogurt. Nevertheless, for this purpose, you need to make the main meals smaller. Also, avoid skipping meals. This will not aid in losing weight but work reversely. If this seems complicated, go for a cure in the shape of medical weight loss in Kansas or elsewhere.

Keep Dehydration Away

Not drinking adequate water actually leads to weight gain. Dehydration deceives your brain and can make you crave for food. This way, oftentimes, instead of drinking water, you will grab a snack.

No matter how delicious a snack like candy bar tastes, it will insert a lot of calories into your system. But, drinking water, such as 8 ounces, is not responsible for adding any calories. According to some experts, if you consume cold water, your body will burn calories by elevating its temperature.

Worth of Calcium

Calcium is undoubtedly an essential mineral. However, this nutrient can improve the basal metabolic rate as well. This means you are going to lose weight. According to some researchers, a diet low in calories and high in calcium was accountable for losing 42% of fat than merely a low-calorie diet, which only reduces 8% fat.

Therefore, start adding calcium rich dairy food items to your routine, like skim milk, yogurt and low-fat cheeses. This is because dairy products can lower the risk of metabolic syndrome.


Weight loss and metabolism are related to each other. The faster metabolism leads to improvement in losing weight, however, the slower metabolism is more towards letting you gain weight. Hence, in order to take care of your metabolic health, there are some essential tips to follow.

For example, you should increase the calcium intake, such as taking dairy products that are high in calcium. Moreover, protect yourself from dehydration as it misleads your mind into thinking about eating food. Another way is to eat properly and try consuming healthy food 5 to 6 times a day for continuous provision of energy. Also, you should exercise frequently, or more aptly, on a routine basis.

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